Our Purpose

The first meeting of the Washington Historical Society was in 1995. The meetings lapsed, and were continued again in 2006 with a group of town citizens and friends who gathered to discuss the ‘good old days’.

The purpose of why we should have a historical society at all was a subject of lively discussion one evening. Among the ideas tossed about were:

  • having a resource and research base
  • start to archive our present as our history now
  • record community history
  • sharing photos and memories
  • be part of a history expo
  • utilize outside sources to help in funding
  • have an oral taped history
  • brochures
  • encourage donations and/or loans of items
  • continuity of our town’s heritage
  • honor our soldiers
  • honor founding fathers
  • let’s get out there and be known!

Not unlike all over America, many people are simply too busy with their lives to take on yet another project. That’s not to imply that they don’t care about their town’s, even their children’s, history. They are just swamped with modern life.

Those of us who are able to pursue our passion in Washington’s history are just as passionate about sharing it with those who can’t. It is vital that we don’t allow the memories of our town’s ancestors to become ghosts.

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