1900 Diary-Leon W. Snow


This diary lists legal holidays by state. Vermont’s were: Jan.1, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Aug. 16, Thanksgiving, and Dec. 25.untitled-1.jpg

Most of this diary recorded Leon’s everyday occurrences, such as ‘Sawed wood”, “pleasant”, “rainy”.

On this page, I’m just putting events, as well as names of people he came into contact with.

Thursday, January 4
Aunt Melissa and I went to Chelsea today.
John picked up a load of ashes.

Friday, January 5
Helped John up to the top of Sam Denison’s hill.

Thursday, January 11
Pleasant. Helped John up to the top of the rabbit track.

Saturday, January 13
Pleasant, been splitting wood.
Uncle Loren called here.
John went to Brookfield.

Monday, January 15
Worked for Fred 6 hours.

Tuesday, January 16
Drew straw from Leslie’s.

Wednesday, January 17
Chopped for Fred 8 hours.

Thursday January 18
Worked for Fred today skidding logs.

Wednesday, January 24
Worked for Fred skidding wood. Got my hand hurt.

Sunday January 28
Ned & Margret Griff here.

Monday, January 29
Drew hay from the Ramsdsell place.

Thursday, February 1
Mrs.Robert Ramsdell buried today.

Friday, February 2
Skidded logs on the Spencer place today.
Went to dramatic play & a dance down at Chelsea this eve.

Tuesday, February 6
Blustering. Finished splitting the wood. Rec’d $1.00.

Wednesday, February 7
Pleasant. Ada and I rode out.

Sunday, February 11
Ada & I went out to Mr. Lyman’s.

Monday, February 12
Helped John Stanley saw wood today.

Wednesday, February 14
Helped John Stanley saw wood today.
Rec’d $2.00.

Friday, February 16
I have been doing John Leyman’s chores.
(Leon evidentially did these chores each day until Wednesday, February 21, when he wrote “came home”.

Saturday, February 24
Went out to Uncle Charlie’s.

Friday March 2
Stormy. Helped Mother paper the sitting room.

Tuesday March 6
Went out to the town meeting today.
Voted for the first time.

Tuesday March 13
Went down to Chelsea to a minstrel show from West Fairlee.

Thursday March 15
Went out Washington to an old folks ball.

Saturday, March 24
Uncle Loren & Aunt Loveann came over here today.

Monday, March 26
Done chores for Newmans.

Thursday, March 29-Saturday, March 31
Drew Manure for Newman.

Tuesday April 3
Tapped a part of the sugar place.

Tuesday, April 16
Finished tapping the sugarplace.

Thursday, April 19
Cut firs for fence today.

Sunday April 22
AF Newman Cr. For $10.

Monday, April 23
Had a big land slide up by Darling’s. Ai & I worked on the road.

Tuesday, April 24
I took the banking away today. Worked one month.

Saturday, April 28
Walter came home. Ai & I went to Chelsea.

Tuesday May 1
Went to a May day ball.

Saturday April 5
Sheared the sheep.

Saturday April 12
Walter came home from Brookfield.

Saturday April 19
Hen Hull & O’donald come down & helped on the mine.

Monday, April 21
Newman’s black mare died today.

Wednesday April 23
Fixed fence with John Pratt this forenoon.

Saturday, April 26
Broke up & repaired a bridge.

Sunday, April 27
Uncle Loren & Aunt Love called here today.

Wednesday April 30
Finished planting the corn this forenoon.
Went to decoration this afternoon.

Friday, June 1
Worked on the mine.

Tuesday, June 5
Cute poke & fixed fence & shoveled muck.

Friday, June 15
Fixed fence with McConnell.

Saturday, June 23
Went to a dance out to Washington.

Sunday, June 24
Ada & Aunt Melissa here.

Tuesday July17
Mrs. J.A. Stanley died today.

Saturday July 21
Sam & I picked berries.
Got in 14 loads (hay) this week.

Saturday August 4
Got in six loads on the Hull place.

Sunday August 19
Went down to Uncle David’s.

Tuesday August 21
Got in 3 loads of oats.

Thursday August 23
Worked on the mine.

Friday August 24
1000 horses died in Chicago cause by heat.

Saturday August 25
Played ball this afternoon. 11-10. leonwbaseball.jpg

Wednesday September 26
Went to fair.

Saturday September 29
Drove sheep out to Orange.

Monday October 1
Uncle Marcll’s folks went home.

Wednesday October 3
Went to Tunbridge Fair.

Thursday November 1
Worked for Mrs. Scott.
Rec’d $1.20.

Saturday November 3
Worked on our farm.

Wednesday November 14
Worked 8 hours for Archie.
Rec’d $2.00.

Thursday November 29
Went to Thanksgiving over to Mr. Eastmans.
Went to ball.

Thursday December 6
Went down to hear the Hungarian orchestry.
25 cents.

Monday December 17
Went down to a lecture.
25 cents out.

Monday December 24
Worked for Frank Gilman
Rec’d .75

January 1901
Worked for Arthur cutting bobbing wood.

January 25
Drew milk for Arthur.
WAG cr. For 75 cents.


Blanche Chamberlin & Leon W. Snow


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