1912 Diary-Hattie Chamberlin

Mon. Jan. 1,
Martin and I went over to Dan Worthley’s this afternoon on Rebekah business.

Dan Worthley was the father of long time Washington School Teacher, Kathryn Worthley.

Friday, January 5
Mrs. Mitchell had her trial. She goes to the work house for two years. Frank Dickey has gone to state prison.

Mon. Jan. 15
I have cooked my chickens for tomorrow night’s Rebekah supper.

Tues Jan. 16,
Worked over to the Hall in the afternoon setting tables. The Rebekah installation tonight. Had a fine time.

Thurs. Jan. 18,
Jessie came down with a waist for me to help her on. Mabel Seaver cut it for her. It don’t suit her.

Mon. Jan. 22,
Mrs. Post (sp?) Huntington died last night about midnight.

Fri. Feb. 16,
Martin took his bed this noon. He is having the neuralgia terribly.

Mon. Feb. 19.
Dr. came to see Martin this morning. He goes to Burlington with Mrs. Fred Huntington this afternoon for her operation.

Mon. Feb. 26,
Matt Hyland moved Walter Cooks family into Gene Ordway’s house today.

Tues, March 12,
Flare Houghton started for the west today with her brother Clarence and wife.

Thurs. March 14,
We went over to the Hall to the Sociable to supper. Had a fine time.

Wed, March 20,
Gertie and Mr. (Charles) Carpenter were married this evening in Barre City.
Sun, March 31,
Dr. Hutchinson bought a roaster here tonight for 75 cts-so much to our credit.

Sat. April 6
A baby boy born to Mrs. Walter Cook in Gene Ordway’s house. Mrs. J.B. Seaver was there.

Sun. April 7
Easter Sunday and Lucy Calef’s birthday.

Thursday April 11
I went over street and called on Maude Huntington.

Wed, April 17
I went over to the hall to the Sociable. We sewed for Carrie Bresett. Someone took my rubbers.

Sat, May 4
Gertie and Charlie came home tonight in their auto from Barre.

Sun May 5
Ernest and Mabel had our team to go over to her mother’s We charged $1.00.
Wed, May 15
Joe Bishop was married today.

Sat. May 18
William Wilson was buried today. We went to the funeral. It was to the House.

Friday May 24
Addie Dix is sixty two years old today. We went to Foxville tonight and got Jennie McKenzie. She went to Grange meeting with Matt Downing.

Sun. May 26
We went up to Blanche’s to dinner and then carried Jennie back to her school.

Mon. June 10
Henry Emery got his marriage license tonight.

Wed. June 12
Hittie Huntington and Henry Emery were married this evening up to Mr. Hathaway’s. Mr. and Mrs. Partridge and Mr. and Mrs. Patterson with Ada Grey were here this evening.

Thur, June 27
Chene, George H. Bohonon and Leon hayed for us today.

Thurs., July 18
This is my birthday, 69 years old. born 1843.

Friday, July 19
Gertie, Laurelle and I went up to the village.

Sun, July 28
Warren Calef was buried today.
Monday, Aug. 5,
Fay Coffin and Lillian Carnes were married this evening in the Town Clerk’s office. Martin married them -he got $2.50 for the job.

Mon, Aug. 26
Jessie Eastman was down here with Ethel. Jessie is sixteen today. Martin was called up to Vel Cheney’s to see about her will. I bought five qts of blackberries of the Watson girl.

Sat. Aug. 31
Blanche and Leon went to Barre. They took Karl for the first time. They got him a little fur coat-$4.50.

Friday Sept. 6,
Charlie and Gertie were up to the fair. Nice Day.

Saturday Sept. 7,
This is the last day of the Fair. It has rained hard this afternoon.

Wed. Sept. 18
Martin and I went to the State Fair with Ira Calef.

Mon. Sept. 30
Martin and I went to the moving picture show. It was good.

Mon, Nov. 18,
We got up early and drove to Barre. Took the eight o’clock train and went to Randolph.

Thurs., Nov. 28
Ernest Seaver had our team to to go Topsham. $1.00.

Thurs. Dec. 12,
Joe Lawlor had our team to go to Chelsea to work on the Stanley Monument.

Friday, Dec. 13
Martin is Sixty years old today.

Friday Dec. 20
Ida came home from the hospital today.

Saturday Dec. 21
Matt (Downing) was taken sick this evening. They sent for me. I went over and staid all night.

Monday Dec. 23
Matt Downing died tonight about nine o’clock.

Wed. Dec. 25
Mrs. Lyman Emery was brought here from Williamstown and buried today.

Thursday Dec. 26
Matt Downing was buried this afternoon. Rebekah meeting tonight-election of officers.

Friday Dec. 27
Mrs. Lyman Barron was brought here from Taunton, Mass and buried this forenoon. Martin was one of the bearers funeral to the church.

Tues Dec. 31,
Joe and Leah had our team to go to Williamstown tonight. They paid us $1.25.


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