1913 Dairy-Hattie Chamberlin

Wed., Jan. 1
Arthur Eastman and wife had our team to go to Fred Eastman’s. We didn’t charge anything.

Mon., Jan. 6
John Lane came here tonight from Plainfield. He is going to the Telephone meeting to Chelsea tomorrow with Martin.

Fri., Jan. 10
Lucy Calef had a shock this morning-can’t speak.

Sat., Jan. 11
Lucy is no better.

Tues., Jan. 14
I made a chicken pie for the Rebekah Institution this evening.

Wed., Jan. 15
Mrs. Patterson and I called on Mrs. Dickinson and on Mrs. Wilson.

Tues., Jan. 21
Gertie’s (their daughter, married Charles Carpenter) baby born tonight.

Sat., Feb. 1
We went to the Dramatic play over to the Hall. Leon’s folks were down with Karl. East Barre Club.

Sat., Feb. 15
The water froze up.

Mon., Feb. 17
We got the water to running about five o’clock. Had to dig a new ditch.

Wed., Feb. 26
We went to the Rebekah Ball, all had a good time and good supper.

Thurs., Feb. 27
We washed the dishes over to the school house this afternoon.

Sun., March 2
Lucy Calef died tonight-she has been sick for a long time.

Tues., March 4
Town Meeting. The Baptist got the dinner.

Fri., March 7
Jack Dix was buried today.

Tues., March 11
We went to the Rebekah meeting. Ada Mills joined tonight.

Wed., March 12
Society meeting to Mrs. Wilson’s this afternoon.

Wed., March 19
John Laymen came here tonight to board a few days while he is laying a floor to the school house.

Mon., April 14
Albert Bresette got a setting hen here tonight. It will be his when he pays us 60 cts.

Fri., April 18
Dr. Hutchinson had Pip (horse) today.
Sun., April 27
We went to church and then to the Odd Fellows meeting.

Tues., April 29
Lyle Eastman had her leg taken off today. She is in Randolph.

Wed., May 7
We went to the Socialbe. Mrs. Bigelon (?)and Mrs. Viels (?) Curtis had it. I am to have the next one.

Sat., May 31
We called to E. Barre on our way home and paid Mr. Whitcomb $3.60 for our Springers we got last fall.

Mon., June 2
Bert Caldwell’s folks had a baby this forenoon a boy, Woodrow Horace.
Warren C. Nye is 75 years old today. He got 136 postcards.

Wed., July 2
Ellis Bohanon is doing our haying.

Fri., July 18
I am sixty years old today. Horace is 77.

Mon., Aug. 4
M.r Slocum and wife, Dr. and Ida, and George Downing went with Martin & I to Burlington this morning to Queen City Park. Got there about three in the afternoon. We went to the Health Officers School in the evening. Mr. Mey and daughter Esther and Mrs. Strowbridge from the Hotel went with us.


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