Sky Acres Camp

The Barre Daily Times, August 7, 1947

To Give Horse Show
Feature of Second Season at Sky Acres Camp

The second annual horse show at Sky Acres, Washington, will be held on Sunday, August 10, beginning at 2 p.m., daylight time. Another featured event of the camp season is also scheduled for this week end, when the camp will present on Friday evening, August 8, a minstrel show at the Chelsea town hall for the benefit of the Boy Scouts of Chelsea.
At Sky Acres, which was organized in 1946, riding is a featured activity. In 1946 approximately 800 camper-riding hours were enjoyed, and this season there will be given the 45 or more campers almost twice as many riding hours.

In the first weeks the riding master, George Butts, classified the campers into Beginners, Advanced Beginners and Advanced riders, and soon he was taking the various groups for rides lasting an hour or more over the dirt trails, through the woods and pastures that comprise the 500 acres on the camp estate. These trails are exceptional in being completely free from all automobile and pedestrian traffic of the outside world. These rides have been supplemented by two-hour breakfast rides on alternative days, and scarcely a youngster was ever late in reporting at 6 a.m. for the scheduled breakfast ride. Before the camp season closes there have been scheduled for the advanced riders several overnight camping trips, on which the boys and girls will ride 25 minutes or longer to the camping site.

The horse show on Sunday afternoon is planned for the purpose of giving these youngsters an opportunity of demonstrating their abilities and progress in equitation. There will be five classes in riding competition, which will include every boy and girl in camp, except three youngsters will appear in a ‘lead-line” class, and two boys who will appear in a special class, because they are more advanced than the riders in the regular class for boys.

The featured competition will undoubtedly occur in the class of 12 advanced riders among the Senior girls. Since this class is so large, the competition will first take place in three sections, from which the winners of the respective sections will then compete for the championship for this class. Incidentally, it is necessary to classify in this group little Miss Kathleen Riodan, ten years old, who last summer was judged as the best rider in the whole camp. This season little Kathie will find much stronger competition.

The competitors in the five classes and also in the special groups will receive rosettes, and the winners of the grand prizes will each receive a Champion or Reserve Champion streamer. There will also be exhibited the handsome bronze trophy, donated annually by Dr. and Mrs. Louis Fuller, of Middleboro, Massachusetts, to be awarded on the evening of the closing banquet to the camper who has made the greatest progress in riding during the camp season. Last season this trophy was won by Miss Annetjen Van Akin, an 11-year-old camper, from Hastings–on-the-Hudson, N.Y.

In addition to the regular riding competition, there will also be scheduled several events, such as potato races and musical chair contests, all on horseback, calculated to amuse the spectators.

All of the camp horses, Cinnamon, Silver Doctor, Dapples, Jocko, Baby Doll, Brownie, Annabelle and Stardust, will either be used in the competition or will be shown in the ring. The riding classes will be judged under the equitation rules of the American Horse Show association.

Last summer over 300 visitors from Montpelier, Barre, Washington, Chelsea and other neighborhood towns enjoyed the show, and a most cordial invitation is again extended to the public to be present on next Sunday afternoon. Camp Sky Acres is located on route 110, almost halfway between the villages of Washington and Chelsea.

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