Old Fairgrounds

One of the grandest events in Washington had to have been the Washington Agricultural’s Association Fair, which was held annually on what is commonly referred to now as “The Old Fairgrounds”.

Located in the center of town, and running from 1895 until 1943, the fair brought out many people dressed in their finest attire. An entry in Hattie Glidden Chamberlin’s 1920 diary states : “Wed., Oct. 13. Fine day. About four thousand people on the Fair Grounds today.”

Judging Colts

“Judging Colts. September 11, 1907.”

The fair went bankrupt during the depression, and the land and buildings were purchased by Fay and Doris Deberville, who began a family dairying tradition which is now in its fifth generation. Fay sold off most of the buildings during the war, yet one building was moved to another part of the property and still remains. It became Fay’s workshop, and years later, was remodeled as the now closed “The Old Fairgrounds Tack and Feed Shop”.

Also, local resident Paul Vermette bought the dance hall building, and had it moved to its current location on Vermette Lane to become his family’s home.

Fay sold the copper wiring as well, and by the time he was done selling what he could and what he wanted, he had made a $300.00 profit!

The fairgrounds property boasted animal stalls, hay barns, grandstands, a judges’ stand, and a still visible 1/2 mile trotting track.

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