2009 Tornado Makes History

An EF1  tornado swept through our town in the afternoon of May 9, 2009. Several townspeople saw it approaching and witnessed its devastating path of destruction.

The hardest hit were the apartment building owned by Mickey and Linda Vermette, and the new covered barnyard, aka hoop barn, owned by the Deberville Dairy  Farm.

The apartment building had its roof torn off. Parts of it went as far as the Deberville farmyard and beyond. This building once housed Tillotson’s store.


The hoopbarn, which had been completed only since October 2008, was completely destroyed.



The village school suffered damage when the tornado lifted the walking port roof up by its legs, causing the school to close for one day while damage was assessed. A 100 year old tree that stood guard near the school driveway was blown over. This is the same tree that students years ago staged a protest around after they heard discussions about having the tree cut down.

What's left of the 100 year old tree.

What's left of the 100 year old tree.

Some homes had roof damage.

Luckily no injuries were reported, other than a few minor ones to some cattle at the farm.

Eva Beede's home.

Eva Beede's home.


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