1923 Diary-Hattie Chamberlin

In a notebook titled
“Compliments of
J.G. Cherry Company
Equipment and Supplies
For The
Creamery, Ice Cream Plant

and Milk Distributer                                   1923diary.jpg

Egg Cases and Egg Case Fillers
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Peoria, Ill.
St. Paul, Minn.
Tama, Iowa.”

Jan.-Feb., various things recorded by M.W. Chamberlin.

January 1

195W Office M.C. Taft Montpelier.

January 4

Fred Demas recording mortgage Demas to Sargent Osgood & Roundy. $1.00.

February 3

Romunus Cash 31.80.

February 8

rec’d from Burroughs 15.90

February 10

Romunus 31.80 cash.

Houghton & Robins check 5420 Inv. 4828.

February 13

Romunus Cash 15.90.

Houghton & Robins 64.20. #4838.

February 14

W.A. Smith check Feb.5.9. 63.60 #4420.

F.E. Worthley check #4007 $15.90.

February 15

Romunus check 31.80 NC 1063.

The rest of the diary appears to be Hattie’s handwriting.

Mon, March 12-We came home from Gertie’s today. Leon moved us.

Tues, March 13-Mabel Seaver called & G. Downing Agg called.

Wed, March 14-Dr. Gale came today. Floe Bohonon called.

Thurs, March 15-Dr. Gale came today. Elle Spencer & Flora Houghton called.

Sat. March17-Dr. Gale came today.

Tues, March 20-Dr. came today. Mrs. Kelty began today.

Sun, March 25-The girls were at home. Blanche brought a chicken. Gertie ice cream. Flora Bohonon called.

Mon, March 26-Mrs. Morrison called.

Tues, March 27-Mrs. Bill Seaver & Jess Bohonon and Gertie called. Stanley came home from Leon’s.

Wed, March 28-Mrs. Jeffords called. Rough day.

Sun., April 1-Dr. Bailey came to see me. Mrs. Kelty got through and got home.

Mon, April 2-Mrs. Thibeault came this afternoon. Teebo I call it.

Friday, April 6-Mrs. Jefffords & Mrs. Warner called today. Mrs. W staid to supper.

Mon., April 9-Mrs. Thibeault (Teebo) has been here one week. We paid her $3.50. So far so good. One week today.

Tues., April 10-Mr. Simmons called. I got 120 cards. Quite a shower.

Monday April 16-Mrs. Patterson & Leah here today. Paid Mrs. Thibeault 3.50. She has been here 3 weeks.

**Names of folks who called on Hattie while she was apparently ill.
Mrs. Morrison
Mrs. Bill Seaver
Jess Bohonon
daughters Blanche & Gertie
Mrs. Jeffords
Mrs. Werner
Mr. Simmons
Charlie and Stanley
Mrs. Patterson and Leah
Mrs. Washburn
Minnie King
Flora Bohohon
Lena Dashner
Julie Smith
Nellie McAllister
Mrs. Atherton
Mr. & Mrs. George Downing
Sarah Downing
Mrs. Stanley
Mrs. C. E. Emery
Emily Calef
Mrs. Vick Curtis
Bill Downing
Mrs. Clara Wood
Mrs. Lee Whitney
Leah Lawlor
Addie Dix with the girls Lucy and Rachel
Cora Cheney
Anne McAllister

Sun, May 20-Martin & I went up to Blanche to dinner. My first ride this spring.

Sat., May 26-Lydia Wilson was buried today.

Mon., May 28-We paid Mrs. Thibeault $2.00. She has got through 8 weeks today since she came.

Tues., May 29-We let Mrs. Thibeault go today. She left on the Chelsea Stage.

Wed., May 30-I am doing my own work.

Sat. June 2-We went to Graniteville. Olive Calef went with us.

Sun, June 3-We carried Leon’s folks down to his mother’s.

Mon., June11-Martin & I, Karl, Stanley & Olive Calef went to Montpelier this afternoon.

Fri, June 15-I went to Addie’s.

Sat, June 16-Alice Towsley called. Mrs. Morrison called. I did my sweeping made two pies.

Sun, June 17-We went over to Horace’s. Leon’s folks went with us. We called to Alps a little while.

Sun June 24-I went to church. Dr. Vern Edson & wife called. I am terrible lame.

Mon, June 25-Cousin Shermie Cha. & wife from St. Paul called. William C. brought them.

Thurs, June 28-Martin & I wnet to Chelsea. Lizzy Avery, Karl and Stanley went with us.

Sun, July 1-We took Leon’s folks to Randolph. His Uncle Austin was gone. I called to see Mrs. Frank Blodget. She ws Stella Vinson.

Thurs, July 5-Martha Taylor was buried today.

Sat., July 7-We went to Williamstown. Elle Spencer went with us.

Sun, July8-Gertie, Charlie & Stanley went with us on a trip through Northfield Gulf.

Mon, July 16-This is Amy Tather’s (?) birthday.

Wed, July 18-70 years old today. Born in 1853. Married Dec. 22, 1875 in Plainfield, Vt.

Fri, July 20-Myrtie, Blanche and Mrs. Ben Spencer called.

Thurs, July 26-This is my sister Clara Knapp’s birthday. She would been 80.

Friday, Aug. 10-President Harding was buried today.

Sun, Aug. 12-Leon’s folks went blueberrying with Alfred Dashner’s folks.

Mon, Aug. 13-Ed Rogers died yesterday.

Tues, Aug. 14-Stanley Wilson & wife called today.

Sat., Aug. 25-We went to Chelsea. Charlie Brown & George Richardson went.

Sun, Aug. 26-We took Leon’s folks to Randolph to see Loren & Eton Snow’s people.

Mon, Aug. 27-We went to Barre. took Mrs. Alex Scott & May Scott.

Sun. Sept. 7-We went to Cabot to see Carc. Perley and his wife over there.

Thur, Sept 11-Elle Spencer went to Barre with us. I took a treatment of Gage & Gage.

Tues, Nov. 13-Cara Glidden Warren died today. She took poison.

Sun, Nov. 18-Harry Clough was found dead in bed this morning.

Fri, Nov 30-Ed Brown was buried this afternoon. Rained hard all day.

Thurs, Dec. 13-Martin’s birthday 71, born in 1852, Marshfield, Vt.


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