1867 Diary Referencing Barre Academy

This is from an 1867 partial diary that I found in a house we bought. The author is unknown, but I am assuming that he was  a young man, and that he attended Barre Academy in Barre, Vermont.

photo courtesy of the David Rumsey Map Collection, www.davidrumsey.com

photo courtesy of the David Rumsey Map Collection, http://www.davidramsey.com


The gent’s handwriting was flourished and neat, and I copied it the best I could.

Sat., May 25-Harrowed the corn ground.

Mon., May 27-Rolled down piece of oats in A.M.

Tues, May 28-Planted Corn. Played baseball at 6 p.m.

Wed., May 29-John Camp here to dinner. Went to Phillips & Dudley’s Concert in the evening.

Thurs., May 30-Went to East Brookfield with Woodward and drove cattle home. Mrs. Wells & Mrs. Brock here.

Fri., May 31-BaseBall Club match between Montpelier club and Barre club ths P.M. Barre 85, Montpelier 87.

Sun., June 2-Did not attend church. Went to Congr. in eve. Rev. J.K. Converse preached.

Tues., June 4-Played baseball in pm. Played euchre at Maxine’s in the eve.

Wed., June 5-Carried two women to Mr. Webster’s in Randolph.

Fri., June 7-Played baseball in pm. Played euchre at Maxine’s with Sibley in the eve.

Sat., June 8-Went out to school in the morning and played baseball. Called on Pollard & Coolidge in the eve.

Sun. June 9-Went to SS Concert in eve.

Thurs. June 13-Went fishing up to Orange with Byron Reynolds in P.M.

Fri., June 14-Went to Montpelier in the morning to carry women for Webster.

Sun., June 16-Went to church in A.M. Rev. A.B. Dascourt preached.

Mon., June 17-E.P. Phillips Musical Convention commenced- went in the evening.

Tues., June 18-Nip Ellen Nye here. Hoed corn in A.M. Attended convention in P.M. and evening.

Wed. June 19-Went to Montpelier in the A.M. and bro’t back Mas and Stone. Went in the P.M. and brot back S.C. Moore. Eldredge here in P.M., went to concert in the eve.

Thur., June 20-Went to the convention in A.M. and P.M. and played baseball. Went to Concert in eve. Willie Nye staid with me over night.

Sat. June 22-Went fishing up to Peck Pond with Maxine and Byron.

Mon. June 24-Went up to Orange in P.M. after a yearling with Byron Reynolds.

Sat., June 29-Went over to Washington with Pollard in the P.M. and came home in the evening.

Sun. June 30-Went to the Congo in A.M. Prof Thompson preached. Went to the Meth at 5:00 and to the Univ in the eve.

Tues., July 2-Worked for Wilson haying in the afternoon.

Thurs., July 11-Went to the Academy in A.M. Rev. A B. Dascomb’s ovation in P.M. Played croquet in P.M. and went to the Levee at Spauldings in eve.

Fri, July 12-Went to Rhetorical exercise of Graduation Class in P.M. 6 gents and 3 ladies. Stafford here to supper.

Mon., July 15-Nettie Dwight came here.

Wed., July 17-Raked with horse rakes and got in 6 loads of hay in P.M.

Tues., July 30-Went to the circus at Montpelier with father in the P.M.

Thurs., Aug. 1-Went to Montpelier with Clara in P.M. to meet Chancey Smith and family. Leila and Anne came with us.

Mon., Aug .5-Went to Williamstown Springs with Clara and Smith’s family.

Wed., Aug. 7-Went raspberrying up on the turnpike with Clara.

Thurs., Aug. 8-Herman Hatch moved into our old house. Father and Mother went to Plainfield Springs.

Sun. Aug. 11-Went to the Cong in A.m. Rev. G B. Tolman preached. Went to the Meth in P.M. Rev. J.O. Peck preached.

At the end of the diary, this was written:

Barre Academy, Spring 1867
Seneca Hazelton. Underhill
Alfred Warner Hardwick
Hamlet L. Bafs Underhill
Charles E. Houle Rutland
William Pollard Vershire
Chas. R. Brigham Milwaukee, Wis.
Rolla Gleason, Jr. Richmond
Henry A. Camp Stowe
George E. Howed Cambridge, Ms
Asher C. Baker Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Dan Cady Stowe
Frank M. Northrup Fairfield
Frank P. Sibley West Fairlee
George H. Fifield Orange
John Hinzie Santa Fe, N.M.
H. Clay Gleason Richmond
Harvey I. Cutting Northfield
Wm. D. Gould Cabot

Ladies. Spring 1867

Orpah S. Perkins Barre
Fammie F. Rice Orwell
Mary F. Felt Temple, N.H.
Ednah L. Field Washington
Ella S. Hatch Barre
Ruth E. Burnett South Woodbury
Lizzie Hanson Williamstown
Hannah S. Clark Williamstown
Hattie C. Fish Waitsfield
Ella F. Gale Orange
Ednah Flint Washington
Katie Holmes East Montpelier

Fall Term
Ida Thurber Washington
Carrie E. Bowles Washington
Ella R. Perrrin Williamstown
Sue Ann Palmer Williamstown

Men of Vermont, Continued.
1. Daniel Kellogg
2. Homer E. Royce
5. L. E. Chittenden
3. Henry F. Janes
4. Thomas Bartlett
John B. Page
9. Alvah Sabin
12. Eliakin P. Walton
6. Peter T. Washburn
7. Wm. C. Kittredge
11. Burnham Martin
10. Charles W. Willard
8. Thomas E. Powers
George Howed
15. Geroge W. Grandey
14. Julius Converse
13. John Pierpoint
16. William C. Wilson
17. Benjamin H. Steele
18. Severrett R. English
19. William Rounds

Men of Vermont. 1867
George P. Marsh
Justin S. Morrill
John Gregory Smith
Hiland Hall
Luke P. Poland
Paul Dilingham
Frederick E, Woodridge
Henry B. Stacy
Frederick Holbrook
George F. Edmunds
Asa Owen Aldis
Lawerence Bramerd
Ahiman L. Miner
William Hebard
Andrew Tracy
Ryland Fletcher
Worthington C. Smith
Abraham R. Gardner
Levi Underwood
Senica M. Dorr

These names were listed elsewhere, but with no explanation.
Fammie E. Smith 4
Ella S. Hatch 3
Julia M. French 2
Clara A. Hatch 2
Edna L. Field 9
Ella F. Gale 2
Edna M. Flint 3
Cora H. Maxim 1
Ida L. Thruber 3
Carrie E. Rowler 5


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