1920 Diary-Hattie Chamberlin

Fore note-Wheeler Batchelder’s mother’s maiden name was Chloie Johnson.

Tues., Jan. 6
Martin went to Chelsea to the Telephone meeting.

Thurs., Jan. 8
We bought half of a hog of Alfred Dashner. 129 lbs. cost $26.80.

Tues., Jan. 13
Aaron Richardson’s folks moved to Barre today.

Thurs., Jan. 15
Henry Washburn moved to town today came on the night Stage.

Sun., Jan. 18
Wheeler Batchelder died today very suddenly.

Wed., Jan. 21
Stanley (Carpenter-grandson)is seven years old today. We got him a pair of woolen stockings.

Thurs., Jan. 29
Jess Bohonon is 60 years old today.

Mon., Feb. 9
Noah Taylor died today very sudden.

Sat., Feb. 28
Irving Bates was buried this afternoon. Nelson Sanborn died this morning.

Tues., March 2
Town meeting day. Martin is School Director again for three years. He has had that office for eighteen years.

Wed., March 3
Martin, Karl and I went to the Sociable this evening.

Sat., March 6
We had had a terrible snow storm.

Sun., March 7
At home all day. Every thing is under snow. No sign of a break (?) anywhere.
Everyone is trying to shovel out this is the biggest storm we had had since 1888.

Mon., March 8
The men are breaking roads.

Wed., March 17
Clarence Bartlett died tonight.

Fri., March 19
Clarence Bartlett funeral was this afternoon. Carrie Downing died this morning.

Tues., March 30
I have been cleaning the chambers.

Wed., April 7
Mite Society this afternoon.
(Mite Society is a ladies’ church charity organization.)

Mon., April 19
School began today.

Mon., April 26
Karl is staying down this week and going to school.

(Karl Snow then lived on what is now the Albert Morrie farm. He would either slide down many hills, or snowshoe, and stay with his grandparents near town during inclement winter weather.)

Thurs., May 13
Charlie took a deed of the Calef place today.

Mon., May 17
Charlie and Gertie moved to the Calef home today.

Mon., May 24
Gene Riley is 62 today.

Sat., June 12
Charlie worked for Leon (W. Snow) planting corn and potatoes.

Thurs., July 1
Bell (Downing)found a pocket book yesterday when berrying with 22# and checks yesterday. She gave it to G.E. Huntington to find the owner.

Wed., July 7
Martin is painting our car.

Sun., July 11
Martin and I, Leon-Blanche & Karl went over Warren Mountain on a long trip with six other cars. Mr. & Mrs. Slocum, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stanley, Mr. & Mrs. G A. Bohonon, Mr. & Mrs. Lev Seaver. Arthur and Frank Hutchinson and Mabel Hanson. Henry Downing & family. Lucy and Ellis Downing. Elle Spencer. Mrs. Eastman (Gussie’s mother.) It has been a lovely day. Called on Elle Calef Jones.

Sun., July 18
I am sixty-seven today.

Mon., July 19
The Calef Library was Dedicated this evening. Big crowd out. Mayor F.E. Lengley, G. H .Hollister and John Gordon from Barre were the speakers. Prayer by Mr. Clarence Simmons.

Tues., July 27
Ivin Spencer is eleven years old today.

Mon., Aug. 2
Martin and the girls went to Barre this afternoon. Someone broke into our car and broke one of the front lamps.

Sun., Sept. 26
Gertie’s folks and Leon’s folks went over to see the Flying Machine.

Tues., Oct. 12
Washington Fair begins today. fine day.

Wed., Oct. 13
Fine day about four thousand people on the Fair Grounds today. I stay at home am having the rheumatism.

Thurs., Oct. 14
This is the last day of the Fair. Just a little scent of rain and all was fair.

Sun., Oct. 17
We took George Downing and wife for a ride through the Gulf of Williamstown.

Mon., Oct. 18
Martin carried Charlie & Gertie to Barre this afternoon. They have sold the Calef place to a N.Y. party.

Tues., Oct. 26
Martin & I went to Williamstown and took Electric Treatment of Dr. Robinson. We carried Flora Houghton.

Tues., Nov. 2
Town Meeting. Martin is representative.

Tues., Nov. 16
We went over to se Dr. Robinson this afternoon. George Downing & wife and Elle Spencer went with us. I think this makes four treatments I have taken for rheumatism.

Thurs., Nov. 18
Charlie & Gertie had their auction today.

Back notes:
Neuritis. 1 Tablespoon of fresh lime juice in two tablespoons of water, eight mornings. then stop for five days and repeat eight days more if necessary.

In the Town Clerk’s Office:
Adding machine 9.50
Typewriter 15.00
Dictionary 1.50
Revolving Chair
Folding table
All of the stationary
Two kitchen chairs.


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