1914 Diary-Hattie Chamberlin

Tues., Jan. 6
Martin went to Chelsea to the Telephone meeting. Austin Patterson went with him.

Tues., Jan. 20
The Rebekah Instillation this evening. 150 to supper to the Hall.

Tues., Jan. 27
Went to to the Rebekeh meeting tonight, just eleven there.

Wed., Jan. 28
Luelle Carpenter came this noon. After dinner Martin carried her up to Blanche and then went and got her after supper and we went to the Baptist Sociable.

Wed., Feb. 11
Olive Calef has the Mite Society.

Tues., Feb. 17
Mr. Warren Nye died this afternoon.

Sat. Feb. 21
Martin and Charlie (Carpenter) went to Barre. Charlie bought a place.

Sun. Feb. 22
Charlie went home today. Delmar was here to dinner.

Tues., March 3
Good day for Town Meeting. Martin is School Director again and Town Clerk.

Wed., March 4
Odd Fellows Dance tonight. Had a big crowd. The Rebekahs got the supper in the school rooms.

Thurs., March 5
I carried Carrie Bresett up some cake this afternoon. Her mother is very sick.

Thurs., March 26
We went to the Minstrel show tonight.

Wed., April 1
Went to the Sociable over to the Hall. Mrs. Dickey had it.

Tues., May 5
We let Wallace Compo have $275.00 today to buy some cows.

Sat. May 23
The Nye Auction. Martin bought the piano for seventy-five dollars, 75.00.

Thurs., June 11
Cleaned the Office.

Mon., July 6
Guste is seventy-four today.

Wed., Sept. 2
Merc Richardson and I had the Mite Society tonight in the Hall. 125 to supper.

Friday, Sept. 11
I tied a puff today for Gladys Clark. Porter Huntington died this forenoon.
Sat., Sept. 12
Martin went to Chelsea to the convention, carried George Downing.

Tues., Oct. 6
The Rebekahs went down to the City to the District meeting. About 300 there.

Fri., Oct. 30
Martin bought a clock for his own use in the office.

Sat., Nov. 14
Charlie Huntington’s mill burned last night somewhere about one o’clock. We had a narrow escape.

Mon., Nov. 30
Mrs. Charles Speer died tonight.

Tues., Dec. 22
We went to Barre to buy the Xmas present for the school and got the rest of them today.

Wed., Dec. 23
Mrs. Patterson came over to help mark the presents. Quite a job.

Martin bought a clock paid $2.50 of his own money to be used in the Town Clerk’s office while he is Clerk.


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