Town Photos


Christian Johnson’s store, Old Town Clerk’s office and Skinner Block, 1900.

All burned on Tuesday, April 8, 1902.


This private home later became a Catholic Church, and now houses the Town Clerk’s office. The house was originally built and owned by Quincy Calef.


Hauling hay by horses.


Early Post Office, Huntington’s Store, and the Chelsea, Washington and Barre Stage.


And then a more modern Stage.


This hotel landmark burned on February 13, 1970. At that time, it was an apartment building owned by Lorraine Osborne Thurston. It’s now the site of the Post Office.


Another Reverend Towsley photo. “Two Churches on Earth, One in Heaven”.



There is a starch factory way to the right of this photo.img_1842.JPG


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