Did You Know About This?

• Washington was chartered to Major Elisha Burton and 64 others on August 8, 1761, and contained 23,040 acres.
• This territory was granted by New York and was named Kingsland.
• The last time court was to be held in this town, the court got lost and held their proceedings in the woods, on February 25, 1771.
• The first jail was built on the Bohonon farm, was built of logs, and the first prisoner escaped to plant the potatoes that the jailor had left for him to eat.
• On June 25, 1783, it was decided by the proprietors of the charter to ‘begin a survey of said town and lay out 100-acre lots”, voting to raise a tax of $2.00 on each right of 300 acres to defray the surveying cost.
• Daniel Morse was the first to move his family here in 1785.
• Town meetings were begun in 1793.
• In 1886, there were 12 school districts and 12 schools in town, with 3 male and 17 female teachers. The men were paid $6.50 per week and the women $3.96, including board.
• The first burial was Sarah Bliss, April 1789.
• W. & C.W. Huntington’s sawmill was built around 1866, operated by water power, cutting 300-400 thousand feet of rough lumber per year, employing 3-7 men,
• The Universalist Church was organized in 1836.


Taken from Arthur Eastman’s.

Many of the town’s early photographs were taken by Reverend Irving Towsley, whose name you can often spot carefully handwritten on the front. The Reverend was a strong believer in preserving photographic history.img_1800.JPG

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One Response to “Did You Know About This?”

  1. lmtford Says:

    The site looks great. I think it’s great that there is a Washington Historical Society to preserve and record our history. There are so many stories I’ve heard passed down from generation to generation, such as the prisoner that escaped from jail to plant potatoes, that can now be recorded for future generations to hear. Great job to everyone on the historical society!

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