1890 Diary-Hattie E. Glidden Chamberlin

Excerpts from Hattie’s diary, Martin being her husband, Martin W. Chamberlin, who held several offices in town, including Town Clerk.

Wed. Jan. 1
Martin is down to Chelsea to court.

Friday, Jan. 3
Martin & I went to Barre. we got ten yds. cotton cloth for some pillowcases and some light print for aprons and 8 1/2 yds flannel for Martin’s shirts. I got Martin’s Cabinet pictures, paid $3.00 for six but he gave me eight.

Sat., Jan. 4
At home, Churned and baked today.

Tues., Jan. 14
Ed is 41 years old today.

Thurs., Jan. 16
Martin went to Barre with a load of pressed hay.

Fir, Jan. 17
Martin pressed hay today.

Mon., Jan. 20
Churned today. We sent sixty pounds of butter to Boston. This is the first that we had sent to Fisk. Ed’s folks got a barrel of flour today.

Tues., Jan. 21
Martin went to Chelsea to that Foster trial. I made a shirt for Fred Rowell.

Friday, Jan. 24
Mrs. Powers and Normie were here this evening. Ed Smith helped press hay this forenoon. Went home at noon sick with the Le Grippe.

Sat, Jan. 25
A man came here today by the name of Horace Ellis. Martin hired him to chop. (hay)

Sun, Jan. 26
We bought 5 lbs of butter of Davis to fill our crate.

Tues., Jan. 28
Martin held a court to the Village between Maun (sp?) Underhill and the District.
The Foster care came off today. They were put under eight hundred dollars bond.

Wed, Jan. 29
Emary Perkins came tonight to see about getting the (hay) press. Mr. Ellis went away this morning. We paid him two dollars. We got returns from our butter today 23 cts per lb.

We got a check for our butter. 60 lbs $12.41.

Tues., Feb. 4
We begun on our barrel of flour tonight. It is nice.

Thurs., Feb. 6
The Dr. came today to see Martin. He is about the same quite sick. I am about sick myself.

Sat., Feb. 8
We churned 35 lbs of butter. Charlie Davis worked it over for us.

Mon., Feb. 10
Mr. Poore sent up $5.00 by Polk yesterday to Martin. We paid Noah for two sacks of bran.

Tues., Feb. 11
The Dr. came today. Says he won’t need to come any more. Martin is better.
We paid the Dr. six dollars tonight. Should have been better without him.

Wed., Feb. 19
Leonard Dix died today.

Mon., Feb. 24
We sent sixty pounds of butter today.

Sat., March 8
It has been five weeks tonight since Martin has been out of the house.

Mon., March 10
Henry Slack (sp?)and wife came back this morning and staid till afternoon. Martin sold them the little brown mare for $75.00.

Tues., March 18
Went up to see Mrs. Downing but she was sick with the headache so I came home. Stopped to see Mrs. Laymen Pepper.

Mon., March 24
Chester Batchelder bought 183 sap tubs here today once cent a piece.

Sat., March 29
Martin went down in John Stanley District to see about a road.

Wed, April 9
Martin drew a load of straw for Tad Tillotson up to the slaughterhouse.

Thurs. April 10
Martin went to Barre with the last load of pressed hay.
Thurs., April 17
Wove on my carpet. Martin got his horses shed stormed.

Friday, April 18
Frank Caldwell hung himself today. Was to be married in May to Carrie Slack (sp?).

Sun, April 20
Frank Caldwell was buried today.

Thurs., April 24
Martin went down in John Stanley District to see about laying a road.

Mon. April 28
We sent 150 lbs of butter today by the stage. Sherm sent 40 lbs reins.

Mon., May 12
We sent thirty two lbs of butter this morning by Laymen Pepper to Barre going to G.W. Fiske.

Mon., May 19
Winslow Flint and William Cheney settled today up to White’s office.

Tues., May 20
Martin and Sherm met Dr. Braley u pto White Office today to settle.

Thurs., June 5
Martin carried me up to Agnes. I stopped to Mrs. Warner’s and left my order for a bonnet.

Sat., June 14
Martin went to the Village, got my new hat of Mrs. Warner. paid $2.38 for it.

Mon., June 16
Martin went down to A.G. Newman’s after the road machine.

Tues., June 17
The menfolk worked on our road today. Fred Smith here to dinner.
Willie Marsh died today with Typhoid fever.

Thurs., June 19
Lewis Emory died today.

Sat., June 21
Sat a hen on 15 eggs today.

Fri., June 27
The Minister (Mr. Hammond) called today.

Wed., July 2
Joe Hawthorne stole some money from Aunt Arlene and some out of Myrtie’s bank.

Thurs., July 3
The band came down and played in front of the house about eleven o’clock tonight. it sounded good.

Mon., July 14
Joe Hawthorne tried to kill a peddler down to East Barre this afternoon. Joe is in jail tonight.

Fri., July 18
I am thirty seven years old today.

Wed., July 30
Blanche began her music lessons today.

Thurs., Aug. 14
Ed Smith worked her today, so did Gene Ordway.

Fri., Aug. 15
The Militia went past here this forenoon on their way to Bradford to muster.

Sun., Aug. 17
We got in two loads of hay today and one of barley so we’re finished.

Mon., Aug. 25
We all went to Barre to see the circus.

Tues., Sept. 2
They all went to town meeting out all night.

Wed., Sept. 3
Martin came home from town meeting about six with two men to breakfast and then they all went back again. Got through about ten o’clock. got George Huntington for Rep.

Thurs., Sept. 4
Martin worked all the afternoon trying to get the machine in the field so he can thresh. Came home sick about seven, ate his supper and went to bed. I got up about ten o’clock and made a paste for his lungs.

Thurs., Sept. 25
Martin went to Barre with wood.

Fri., Sept. 26
Martin went to Barre with wood. George Smith is very sick with typhoid fever.

Sat., Sept. 27
Martin was up to the Village part of the day to see about the Town Clerk’s office.

Sat., Oct. 11
Lucy Calef got home from Europe today. A big reception this evening. I had the sick headache so didn’t go.

Tues., Oct. 21
I put my bed quilt together today.

Mon., Oct. 27
Mary Carrigen had a boy baby tonight. She was over teaching school in Mr. Wilson’s district and boarding there.
We husked corn today.

Wed., Nov. 5
The hay pressers came this forenoon. Clarence and three hired men.

Wed., Nov. 19
Boiled cider this afternoon.

Sat., Nov. 22
Martin was up to the Village on the Bugbee case.

Thurs., Nov. 27
We all went over to Sherm’s to Thanksgiving. Father Martin’s folks were there and Verge and her husband. Pretty cold. We went in a lumber wagon.

Fri., Nov. 28
Martin went up to the Bugbee trial but they didn’t appear.


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