1902 Diary-Blanche Chamberlin


Blanche Chamberlin, 1902

Daughter of Hattie Glidden and Martin W. Chamberlin

Here are some excerpts.

Wed., Jan. 1
We played Whist tonight.
Laura Dix was married today.

Thurs., Jan. 2
I got a line from Bernice Brigg today in regard to coming back to lodge.

Friday, Jan. 3
Walter (Chamberlin) and I went to Chelsea tonight. We went in Scott Parnes team. There were 45 Grangers that went. We had supper at the hotel and some of us went to a dance over to the Town Hall.

Thurs., Jan. 9
I mopped the Separator room this afternoon. Fay Thompson began chopping for F.R. Tillotson today.

Friday, Jan. 10
Walter and I went to Grange meeting and were installed as Assistant Steward and Lady Assistant Steward.

Mon., Jan 13
Papa went up to the town farm to see William Downing.

Tues., Jan. 14
Papa and Momma went to the Whist Club tonight.

Thurs., Jan. 16
Mamma colored Perley’s stockings. Walter chopped. Papa rolled the road.

Fri., Jan. 17
I went to a dance down here tonight with Walter. East Barre Orchestra furnished music. There were about forty couples.

Sat., Jan. 25
Papa went to the village to an Agricultural meeting this evening. He went over to Truman Stratton’s to day to see about Richard Stratton who shot himself. Allie and Leon came up this evening. We had cake and ice cream. I was invited up to Grace Stanley’s to a party tonight.

Sun., Jan. 26
Our sitting room chimney burned out this evening. It was awful.

Mon., Jan. 27
Allie Clough was married last Saturday evening to Dean Corliss.

Thurs., Jan. 30
Papa and I went to Chelsea today. I had eight teeth filled. Have had eleven filled. Cost $5.00. I had my picture taken at Bixby’s.

Sun., Feb. 2
Gertie and Herman came up. Lester Parker and Austin Pattersons came up to get me to sing tomorrow to Lester’s baby’s funeral. It was a little boy 6 months old, died with croup last night.

Mon., Feb. 3
It is awful rough today. The men folk have been breaking roads nearly all day.

Our men folks broke roads today and had Fay and Uncle Enoch’s horses to help them.

Wed., Feb. 5
John Bishop came over this morning and helped break a road to Bresette’s,
Sun., Feb. 9
I wrote to Sadie Hanson and Myrtie. I wrote for the Comfort. Sent my salt coupons for scissors.

Fri., Feb. 14
Papa and the Auditors went to the Town Farm today.

Sat., Feb. 15
Papa has been to the village all day settling up town business. Nash Beede came home with him to dinner. Papa bought some potatoes up to the Town Farm and got them home today. 7 bushels at 70 cents a bu.
There is to be a farce presented tonight. A kiss in the dark.

Wed., Feb. 19
Today is the farmer’s meeting.

Mon., Feb.24
Truman Stratton came over here today and threw his brother Richard on the town so Papa went over there this afternoon to see about it. Papa and Walter packed the ice today.

Wed;, Feb. 26
Walter drew sawdust and finished packing the ice.

Thurs., Feb. 27
Papa went to the village this afternoon. Walter went down and shoveled out cradle holes.

Fri., Feb. 28
Walter and I went to Grange meeting tonight. We worked two degrees on Vet Cheney and wife.

Tues., March 4
Papa was put in First Selectman and Overseer today.

Fri., March 7
Papa moved Richard Stratton to the Town Farm today.

Sat. March 8
Papa went out into Orange to look for help for the Town Farm.

Mon., March 10
Walter went away this morning and started for Boston.
Leon began work this morning.
Bert Hayward came here today to hire out on the town farm and papa went up there with him.

Wed, March 12
I got a letter from Walter today and answered it.

Sat., March 15
I went to rehearsal, Walter came tonight.

Sun, March 16
Walter came up to get his trunk. Papa went down to Robert Roods to see if he could hire him for the town farm.

Mon., March 17
Papa hired Martin Bohonon for the town farm. Walter wouldn’t speak to Papa today.

Mon., March 24
Walter came up this evening but didn’t stop long.

Fri., March 28
We set a goose today on nine eggs.
I went to Grange meeting tonight with Leon.
We had some new sugar and danced. Walter and I played. I danced with Leon and Walter.

Mon., March 31
It has snowed like guns all day.

Tues., April 1
I got the cloth for my masquerade suit for Friday night. I heard from my soap order tonight.

Thurs., April 3
Richard Stratton died this morning.

Friday, April 4
I went to a masquerade to the village tonight with Leon. We both masked and so did Perley.

Sun., April 6
I wrote to Comfort and to Sadie and Gussie. Harry Downing and Walter came up. Walter took his violin. We had sugar on snow this evening.

Tues., April 8
There was a big fire at the village between twelve and one this morning. It burnt Skinner’s block, Christain Johnson’s store, Town Clerk’s office and Will Eastman’s old barn. Papa is sick tonight.

Sun., April 13
Leon and I went to the lecture on good reading tonight.
Sat., April 19
I went to the Dramatic play. A Family Affair tonight. I went with Leon Snow.

Fri., April 25
I went to Grange with Leon. He played his violin. Dr. Warner played the bass viol and I played chords. We danced after the meetings and had a nice time.

Sun. May 4
Leon and I went to church today. Howard Chidley (?) lectured on temperance.

Tues., May 6
I went to the Dramatic play. Ten Nights in a Bar Room. I went with Leon.

Mon., May 12
Our white goose came off today with eight goslings.

Mon., May 19
The little Fordham boy came up missing yesterday.

Tues., May 20
Papa went this afternoon to help search for the Fordham boy.

Wed, May 21
Leon and I went down to George Downing’s to rehearse for the Grange Orchestra. Papa went and searched all day for the Fordham boy.

Sun., May 25
Papa and Leon and Perley went hunting for that boy.

Wed., May 28
Papa went to hunt for the boy.

Sun., June 1
I went down to Mable Seaver’s this evening to rehearse the singing for the Johnson baby’s funeral.

Tues., June 3
Papa went to Chelsea this afternoon. He is a Petit Juror.

Friday, June 13
I went to the village tonight and got a load of meal.

Tues., June 17
Tonight was Creamery meeting. Papa went and Mamma went to the village. Mr. Waldo staked out the people’s line today for telephones.

Fri., June 27
Papa and Momma and Perley went to the School entertainment.
Herman came up here today and got out telephone poles.

Mon., June 30
Papa went down to Herman’s and got his cow he bought of Herman yesterday for $14.00.

Thurs., July 3
Leon and I sat up a while and heard the band play and the bells ring.

Fri., July 4
Leon and I went to Williamstown Springs to a dance. Papa and Perley went to the duty staking out a telephone line.

Sat., June 5
Papa and Leon went to Town Meeting this afternoon.
Mon., July 7
Papa went over to George Holden’s and set some telephone stakes over again.

Sat., July 12
They moved the Richardson Shop up to the Slack Place today.

Tues., July 15
Leon and I went down to the village tonight to see the glass blowers. I drew a glass pipe and Leon a candle. We had fine music and danced.

Sat., July 19
Papa went to Town Meeting.

Wed., July 30
Papa and Charlie Emery went to Chelsea to the County Convention.

Mon., Aug. 4
An Apple Tree Agent stopped here to dinner.

Fri., Aug. 8
Leon and I went to the opening dance down to the hotel tonight had a large crowd and a good time.

Mon., Aug. 25
Papa went to the village. The men folks finished setting the telephone poles.

Fri., Aug. 29
Papa began stringing telephone wire today.

Sat., Aug. 30
Papa finished setting his telephone today. Tonight we heard some fine music through it.
Tues., Sept. 2
Papa and Leon went to Town Meeting came home and did their chores and went back and stayed till morning.

Wed., Sept. 3
Town meeting lasted all day and they adjourned without date and no representative.

Thurs., Sept. 4
Papa and Momma went to East Corinth fair today.

Tues., Sept. 9
Papa worked down to the Secretary’s Office all day.

Wed., Sept. 10
Leon and I went to the fair.

Mon., Sept. 15
George Cook brought us a milk pail full of plums for a Dollar.

Sat., Sept. 20
Perley and Leon raked India Wheat.

Sun., Sept. 21
Gertie and Herman and Leon and I went over in the borough today for a picnic.

Tues., Sept. 23
A family by the name of Smith moved on to the Richardson farm.

Wed,., Oct. 1
Leon and I went to the Tunbridge Fair.

Sat., Oct. 11
I went to the village this afternoon. I got me some worsted gloves.

Wed., Oct. 15
Papa went to East Orange to a Telephone meeting.

Fri., Oct. 24
Leon and I went to the Gentlemen’s Grange meeting.
They had a trial and tried Harry Downing. Winston Flint died today.

Sun., Nov. 2
Herman and Leon went gumming.

Mon., Nov. 3
We went to the show called Rigid and it was Rigid. We all went.

Wed., Nov. 5
Papa and Austin Patterson went to East Orange to stake out the telephone line.

Mon., Nov. 10
Papa went to Websterville to Cummings store with our butter today for the first time.

Tues., Nov. 11
Papa went to Montpelier with Austin Patterson and several others to that hearing on water business at seven o’clock tonight.

Fri., Nov. 14
Leon and I went to Grange meeting tonight. The ladies had a n*****(here, Blanche used a word for Black People that is certainly not politically correct today.) show. We had a fine time. The gentlemen treated the ladies to candy and grapes.

Thurs., Nov. 20
Leon worked for Mr. Smith sawing wood all day.

Saturday, Nov. 22

I went to Websterville with Papa this afternoon with the butter.

Papa went over to Mr. Bowen’s today and traded horses.

Leon helped Mr. Smith. Perley has gone to the Mother Goose entertainment tonight.

That’s the last diary entry for 1902.


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