1919 Diary-Hattie Chamberlin

Thurs., Jan. 2
Mr. Glover was her to dinner. He is visiting schools.
I have got my Red Cross box ready to send tomorrow.

Mon., Jan. 6
We sent our Red Cross box today.

Fri., Jan. 10
We have got more Red Cross work.

Mon., Jan. 13
Delmer Carpenter’s little boy was buried this afternoon. He was six weeks old today.
Delmer was a Town Clerk later on, and after his death, the position was filled by his daughter, Thelma Carpenter.

Sat., Jan. 25
Gertie & Charlie were at home this afternoon. He bought a separator of Glen Bigelow.

Tues., Jan. 28
We had some Red Cross work come tonight, 10 baby shirts.

Thurs., Jan. 30
Mrs. Ben Spencer and I went into School this afternoon.

I had some Red Cross work come tonight, 80 boys’ shirts.

Friday, Jan. 31
I went out with my Red Cross work this afternoon.

Sun., Feb. 2
At home all day. Sun shines today. I guess the old hog will come out.

Fri., March 7
I went over to Dan Smith’s this afternoon with some Red Cross work. Warren Curtis died today.

Mon., March 31
Dan Smith died this morning.
Red Cross work came today, 70 shirts.

Wed., April 2
Dan Smith was buried this afternoon.
Mrs. Patterson & Mrs. Seaver had the Mite Society tonight.

Sun., April 13
Elle Spencer called. George Flint died this afternoon.

Mon., April 28
Carl Kingsbury died tonight.
We sent a box of Red Cross work today on hundred articles in it. I have only one more box to send.

Sat., May 10
Dr. Hutchinson had his auction today.

Wed., May 14
We went to Barre. Blanch, Karl and Mrs. Julie Smith went with us. Blanch carried down twenty two dozen of eggs, got 46 cts per doz.

Mon., May 26
The Hutchinsons folks all started this morning for Oklahoma this morning to make it their home.

Mon., June 2
Woodrow Caldwell is six years old today.

Tues., June 3
Martin went to Queechee today with Dolph and Carrie Leno to see the Library building.

Wed, June 4
Matt Turner died last night in Barre Hospital with a cancer.

Thur., June 5
Matt Turner was buried this afternoon. Mr. Wellar preached.

Mon., June 9
George Downing went a fishing.

Tues., June 24
I am about sick.

Sun., July 13
Mr. Clarence Simmons preached today.

Wed., July 16
Let Tillotson died this afternoon in the Mary Fletcher Hospital in Burlington after eight operations for cancer.

Wed., Aug. 13
Will Eastman was buried this afternoon.

Fri., Aug. 22
Charlie has sold his home.

Sat., Aug. 23
Charlie & Gertie came home tonight. they have bought Mrs. Dickinson’s farm.

Sun., Aug. 31
We have hired a Teacher for the large room. We hired Helen Morgan. She will come next Saturday or Sunday. Olive will teach this week.

Tues., Sept. 2
School began today with Olive Calef for teacher just this week.
Miss Calef came from a prominent Washington family, after whom the town library was named. She also became a bail bondswoman.

Some say that Miss Calef’s spirit still roams throughout the town’s Universalist Church. My daughter, Katie, was to be married in that church in 2000. While upstairs overlooking the pews and altar below to see how her wedding photographs may appear from that angle, Katie felt someone pull her back away from the balcony. There was no living person around her at that time! Thank you, Miss Calef!

Mon., Sept. 8
Wendall Bresette is three years old today. It is terrible warm. Thunder shower this afternoon.
Miss Helen Morgan from Stowe began teaching this morning.

Wed, Sept. 17
Martin and I went to Northfield Fair. We took Ed Houghton and Mabel Seaver.

Fri., Sept. 19
The people are beginning to come onto the Fairgrounds getting ready for next week.

Tues., Sept. 23
The fair began today.

Wed., Sept. 24
Horace Hill was her to dinner. He came over to the Fair. Big crowd today.

Mon., Sept. 29
Stanley went to school for first time. Grace Cheney teacher.

Wed. Oct. 1
Martin and I took Leon and Blanch and went to Tunbridge Fair. They had a big crowd.

Mon., Oct. 6
Mrs. Hammond died this morning abut one o’clock. Her funeral was at four o’clock this afternoon. Her body was sent to Ohio for burial. I was called out of bed about midnight to call a Dr. for her. She died while I was on the telephone.

Sun. Oct. 12
Carroll Williams and Millie Caddington were married this afternoon.

Wed, Oct. 15
Martin and I went to the Aid Society this evening. They had a big crowd.

Tues., Oct. 28
Ethel Eastman was married today to Everett Wood of Orange.

Sun., Nov. 2
This is Mr. Simmons first Sunday. He had a good Sermon. Martin and I went to church and then went home with George and Gussie Bohonon to dinner.

Fri., Nov. 7
We went to the Mite Society this evening over to the Hall. Mrs. John Calf had it.

Sat., Nov. 15
Martin went to Barre with Les. I sent down two doz. of eggs. We got 90 cts per doz. for them. They are ten cts a piece in NY so the paper says.

Sun., Nov. 23
Sally Hauntoon (?) was buried today. 94 years old.

Thurs, Nov. .27
We had Gertie’s family of four and Leon, Blanch and Karl here to Thanksgiving dinner today.

Fri., Nov. 28
We had our new minister Mr. Clarence Simmons and wife and two children here to dinner.

Sun, Dec. 7
No services to the church. The Furnace smokes so they can’t use it.

Sat., Dec. 13
Today is Martin’s birthday. 67 years old. Born Dec. 13, 1852.

Mon., Dec. 22
We have been married 44 years today.
We were married in 1876 at Plainfield Vt by Rev. George Forbes.

Fri., Dec. 30
Mrs. Jeffords’ mother was buried today.


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